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Orphan or zombie zerto files on vmware data store

  • Hi, I discoverd some orphaned vmdk file on a datastore.  so I wanted to know how many more zerto related files where on the recovery site data stores (vmware 6.7) site.  using RV tools and checking the health tab, it shows a lot of what it thinks are orphaned/zombie files.  but cross refefencing out of online analytices > storeage > datastores > specific datastore, I was able to figure out that most are active journal/recovery/vra appliance files.  but some are not active or orphaned.

    Is there a way to dump the online storage view to cross reference against the RV tools xls health tab export?  or does Zerto have the capacity to state what is active and not?  or is that too easy?  possible feature request?  seems strange that there is no built in function to state what is inactive besides a thrid party tool that may or may be accurate.

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