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ORCHESTRATOR – worth the effort or nah?

  • Good day all….so while i have been ‘following’ the very few tales of ‘small amount’ of folks doing ORCHESTRATOR implementation, i just don’t quite get the sense that it’s widely adopted….and almost a hairs-width away from being a support problem, if anything goes ‘sideways’ on ya… or your environment.

    can anybody give actual feedback on how the ‘holy grail’ of Automated Failover Testing has gone / goes for you and your ORG.  i’m talking 50-60 VMs across two Sites….synched over to our MSP hosting the backend / zerto stuff.

    really, seems like i would really want it…but i’m not terribly convinced on the traction, and don’t have ‘many hours’ over several weeks to read/ test / fine-tune / test / tune some more….kind of stuff.

    thanks for any feedback.  – /Ed

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