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Operation is not supported on the Object

  • Hello!

    I’m currently working with one of our managed clients on setting up a DRaaS solution for them from their Hyper-V enviroment to our vSphere enviroment.

    I’m attempting to create the VPG with pre-seeded disks but I get the following error reported by the VRA’s in our DR enviroment. The issue seems to occur on 3 of the VRAs in our 6 blade cluster. All the blades have a VRA installed.

    Has anyone run into this before? The error I see is below.

    Message: The operation is not supported on the object.. Fault: Vim25Api.NotSupported.

    Thanks for any insight you may have!

    Hi there!

    The operation isn’t supported as ZVR doesn’t support pre-seeding when replicating between hypervisors, as you need ZVR to change the target disk format in the data stream.

    When replicating cross-hypervisor I’d recommend to just leave the initial sync to replicate in the background, which will complete as fast as possible using the bandwidth assigned without impacting the performance of the protected VMs (as we don’t use a snapshot and monitor the storage latency). Any further questions let me know. Thanks,


    Yeah. It’s a 6.2TB enviroment over a uplink that I capped at 5Mbps (half the available). Just trying to find other options than sitting and waiting the estimated 30 days I think it was.

    You could also clone the VMs locally, then convert them to the destination hypervisor format in order to use those new disks as pre-seed disks.

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