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One Vcenter for all ESXi host but one

  • Dear All,

    I’m starting to implement a Zerto infrastructure to migrate 50 VMs from different ESXi hosts on different locations.

    The status is that the only Vcenter available has the many ESXi hosts, from these locations, directly connected (under many Datacenters), but only one (or a couple of ESXi hosts) are not managed by the Vcenter.

    They are standalone with some VMs on them ( I was told only one, but i guess there will others).

    It is a consolidation under the single Vcenter within only datacenter.

    I’ve planned to install 1 ZVM and multipe VRA for each ESXi hosts, as usual.

    Is this approach correct also to manager the single hosts (which i can reach directly with SSH and credentials provided)

    Thank you.



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