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One-To-Many with PowerShell

  • Hi, I am looking to do a powershell migration of a VM from our current datacenter to a new datacenter. This works with a VM that is not already protected, but I am looking to set up on-to-many replication using powershell for VMs that are already protected in a group. Is there a way to do this with the powershell commands from here ( or another PowerShell method?

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    Hi Chris – The module you linked is community supported so I cannot comment in much detail as I am not familiar with them.

    Having said that, the VPGSettings API is used to manage each VPG individually. One-to-Many VPGs are each considered single, independent protection groups each with their own single unique recovery site. Considering, each would be displayed as a single unique VPG ID usable in the API. Many users from our community interact with the Zerto REST API via the Invoke-RestMethod¬†which is available in powershell without the need for any additional module or software I believe. I hope this information is helpful! — Justin

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