Offsite Clone

  • Hi Replication is occuring between two sites – Zerto v6.5 and v7.

    I would like to understand how offsite clone works…. in more detail.. ie where and how it builds the Clone from… etc.. Does it clone from the recovery side?

    If you want to send me to an article then great, but I have looked.


    Mike from Zerto here. When you trigger an Offsite Clone, you are picking a checkpoint from the journal, and the VM is created from that point in time on the recovery site. Here is some additional information on Offsite Clone:

    The cloned machines are assigned the names of the protected machines with the addition of the timestamp of the checkpoint used for the clone. The cloned virtual machines are not powered on.
    When cloning to VMware vSphere environments:
    The cloned virtual machines are created in the ZertoRecoveryFolder folder, and not the recovery folder defined in the VPG.
    The cloned virtual machines use a single datastore.
    The VMDKs are renamed (1).vmdk(2).vmdk, etc.
    When the recovery site is VMware vCloud Director, the clone is created in vCenter Server and the virtual machines have to be manually imported into vCD.
    If the protected virtual machine has RDMs attached, these disks are always cloned as thin-provisioned VMDKs to the datastore specified in the Recovery Datastore field in the Edit VM dialog in the REPLICATION step in the Edit VPG wizard.
    When cloning to Microsoft Hyper-V environments:
    The cloned virtual machines use a single storage.
    The VHDs are renamed (1).vhdx(2).vhdx, etc.
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