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Nutanix Acropolis Support

  • We are currently using VMware 6.0 hypervisor and planning to move VM on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor.

    Currently DC & DR are replicated with Zerto.

    Does Zerto support replication with Acropolis


    Not today, no. Per Amy Mitchell, Zerto Platform Product Manager:

    At this time we have AHV support in our backlog and we don’t have a timeline to share.  We aren’t compatible with AHV and don’t have a way to help migrating off of AHV to other platforms.

    It would be interesting to know why you want to migrate off of AHV to another platform.  Is it moving a workload from development to production?  We are evaluating the priority of supporting AHV against other feature requests and understanding use cases with AHV from customers is helpful.

    If you would like to see support for Nutanix Acropolis in Zerto, one step you can take is to “upvote” the feature request ZRVCORE-I-19 which you can do by visiting https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/support/ and clicking Feature Request and then entering ZRVCORE-I-19 into the search bar.

    Thank you,

    Sean Masters, Zerto Sales Operations

    We have clients running Nutanix APH and want to Zerto DR to us but Zerto does not support APH.

    Please look at adding Acropolis hypervisor support to Zerto in the future.

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