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Number of VM’s in a single VPG

  • Posting on behalf of Andy K.

    Is there a limit to the number of VM’s I can put into a single VPG?

    Is there a best practice limit on how I should put into a single VPG before creating a 2nd VPG?

    Hi Andy,

    Brian from Zerto here.

    Regarding your question, there is no written maximum limit of VMs per VPG. The ZVM do have a limit of protecting 5000 VMs.Please note that the number of VMs protected in a VPG will impact the performance of replication and also in case of a failover operation, as it will require more resources of the recovery hypervisor.

    Zerto idea behind the VPG is to set related machines under one logical container so we can manage them together as they are dependent on one another.

    For example, a VM that contains your DB, another VM with its application that uses that DB, and a VM with the application’s web server. All these different machines are vital for one another and cannot function and serve their purpose without one another. In this case, the boot order also matters, we can’t have the application coming up before the DB is responsive. So with what Shoval mentioned as for the limitation and it’s effects on RTO, I’d also suggest to build the VPG’s according to the relevancy of its machines and avoid reaching high numbers (above 15-20 machines) to reduce RTO per VPG

    As a personal best practice, I would recommend protecting 1-20 VMs per VPG.

    Best regards,

    Thanks Brian….reason I’m asking is we are looking at doing a 1 time migration of around 80 VM’s from 1 data center to another so I’m just looking at how best to do it.  1 VPG with 80VM’s in it?  2 VPG’s with 40 each?  4 VPG’s with 20 each?  These are all supporting infrastructure VM’s so I’m not too worries about applications with DB’s/app/Web servers being in a consistent state with each other.

    Hi Andy,

    If you can do 10 VMs on each VPG I think it would be great.

    You can try with 15 as well, if everything is well, keep going with 15.

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