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NSX-v to NSX-t and recovery org

  • Hi All,


    Has anyone done this migration NSX-v to T using vmware’s migration tool for ZCM / vcloud on the protected side?

    Any success?

    we have migrated our ZCM and ZVMs (9.0 U2) from NSX-V to T without any issues.  However, you will have to edit your VPGs to update the logical switch to the NSX-T segment as these are new objects.

    Replication tab in VPG has default recovery settings for the Failover Live\Test networks

    NIC tab also has Live\Test networks

    Zerto has scripts you can use to accomplish this.

    Also, you will need to add the new T segments to the ZCM as new resources.

    We did run into an issue with the ZCCs as the internal or Cloud network (without gateway) was no longer accessible by a scanning tool. Apparently NSX-T will only allow access from the NIC with a gateway.  We added static routes for the scanners and everything is working without issue.

    Hi Lloyd,

    Thanks for the reply

    Did you run into any issues with the recovery org vdc no longer being recognized with the VPG?

    As when migrating across clusters from nsx-v to nsx-t enabled clusters it looks like it loses the linking to the vDC.

    Haven’t looked too deeply yet so i might have missed something

    Hi Lloyd,


    Did you have vCloud in the mix?

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