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NIC Details InVPG

  • I have a sever that has 3 network cards, all 3 cards have a different IP address, within the VPG “NIC details to use for the recovered virtual machines” it doesn’t display which NIC is which, so i don’t know which IP address to assign to which card, have i missed something or is there a way to find this out, so that associate the correct IP address to the correct NIC.


    Are they on different port groups in production? You should be able to see the source port group to configure the corresponding recovery address on that NIC.

    Hi Connie

    Thanks for the reply, the network cards are on different VLAN’s, within the Zerto GUI, the 3 cards are listed with the servername, so i can’t tell which card has an association with which vlan

    I’m not sure if your environment is different, when a VM has multiple NICs I see them listed under the VM with

    NIC Name (Network Adapter 1, Network Adapter 2, Network Adapter 3)

    Protected Network (Web, File, DMZ)

    This is on the NICs “summary” page of the VPG, before you do the Edit Selected for a particular NIC.

    Hi Connie – thanks for the reply, yes I agree on the VMM part, I have, NIC Name (Network Adapter 1, Network Adapter 2, Network Adapter 3), but in the summary page before editing the NIC, the 3 network cards are labelled, as the server name and protected network, as the name of the Hyper V switch and there’s no way to tell which one relates to which protected network.

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