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New VPG with VMware hardware version 11

  • I just went to create a new VPG (actually I deleted one and now I’m recreating it from the export) and use the existing disks (preseed) and I get this error when I hit Next after Replication:

    Host esx02 can only support up to hardware version vmx10 and cannot protect VM vdi002 which has hardware version vmx11

    Any ideas?  Do I need a patch?

    I’m on version 5 update 2 patch 1 build 0502011002

    Thank you!


    The host at your recovery site must be a prior version of ESXi. I’ll guess version 5.5? You cannot host h/w version 11 on ESXi 5.5 so Zerto won’t allow you to create the VPG. There is a fairly easy hack to downgrade your hardware version on a VM with no issue (I’ve done it before). It involves shutting down the VM, unregistering it from vCenter, editing the vmx file then adding to inventory.  Google it if your interested in getting around this issue.


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