NEW VPG creation using REST API (VCD to VCD)

  • I am looking for solution to create new VPG (VCD to VCD) using REST API or Powershell script.

    I need to create 300+ VPG and it is time taking using GUI.

    Source – 5.0 Update 4 Build 050401094

    Destination- 5.5 Update 4 Patch 1 Build 055412007

    Hi Vijendra,

    Zerto 5.5 added a new API, allowing the creation and editing of VPGs going from a vCD environment to a vCD environment. The APIs allow editing all the settings that are available in the UI. The new APIs are available under the relevant objects of the existing VPG Settings APIs.

    If you look at the Automating Zerto with REST/PowerShell API whitepaper, I believe the Bulk Automated VPG creation script starts on pg. 82. You might have to plug and play a bit:

    I hope this helps

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