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Network Questions from the VRA’s

  • Question about how the VRA’s handle the WAN replication from each protected VM. Does each VM protected have it’s own TCP stream to the target VRA? Are the changes from multiple VM’s bundled?


    This is Vladimir M with Zerto. Yes, the protected VM will have an assigned VRA and that VRA will replicate the changes of the VM to the peer site.

    Please let me know if that answers your question.

    So if we replicate 10 VM’s, each VM will have it’s own TCP (network) stream?

    The TCP between Protected_VRAs to a DR _VRAs is on those ports 4005, 4006 , 4009 – the TCP connection is not per VM

    Thanks Aviv,  I do understand that the VRA – VRA is where the traffic is going.  I am asking because our connection to our target site is going to change and our latency is going to go up.  I was just worried that all the VM’s are on one “stream” for lack of a better word for all of the traffic between those VRA’s.  However I found this article https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/how-many-tcp-sessions-zerto-creates-for-replication/ which seems to show that each volume has 8 tcp sessions as well as control sessions and such.   Am I to guess correctly that each VPG/VM is a separate process on the VRA’s as well?

    Yes that is correct

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