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Network Address Translation

  • For situations where some applications may have hardcoded / absolute IP addresses is it possible to create a scenario with NAT?  The notion would be that a NAT device residing in the target site would front end the replicated machines.  Should an outage occur, then only DNS would need to be changed, but not the IP addresses of the virtual machines.  Can anyone please comment if such a scenario would be supported by Zerto and possible risks?

    Hey Richard,

    Zerto really doesn’t care about what you do with the network traffic. Essentially Zerto just needs to know what port group at the DR site to plug the VM into. So if you create a port group that is isolated behind some sort of router/firewall and then keep the same IP address it will work from a failover point of view.

    I did something similar to what your talking about in this article on my blog http://www.jpaul.me/2016/02/easy-application-failover-with-zerto-and-sdn/

    The only difference is that i used a virtual router, along with a routing protocol (OSPF) to essentially move the subnet and updating my routing table all during a failover.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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