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NetScaler appliance

  • Has anyone successfully added a NetScaler appliance (from Citrix ovf)  and replicated it?

    Hi Max,

    Here are some thoughts:

    So, this will probably work, but a few notes of caution and of course it has to be tested. Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but don’t Netscalers operate natively in HA mode? Would you need to replicate it in ZVR anyways?


    • The OS of the Netscaler is a hardened FreeBSD
    • The number of vNICs is key on FOT/FOL
    • VMware Tools comes pre-installed in the image, but it is not out-of-the-box VMware Tools. It is specialized and cannot be upgraded or reinstalled. This may cause an issue with a VPX with many vNICs.

    Also, where are you trying to replicate it to? I believe I’ve heard from Product that they know of at least one CSP who successfully replicates Citrix Netscaler from on-prem to their own VMWare-based cloud.  I’m not sure about various public cloud’s support statements on Citrix Netscalar so it’s worth checking into that.

    Hopefully this helps

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