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Needs Configuration error after move commit

  • We are using zerto v8 update 2 and using vcentre 6.5.

    We have a VPG with 4 VM’s and performed a move and a commit with reverse protection.  But after we committed the move the VPG gave an error that said ‘Needs Configuration’.  So we re added the configuration but then it did a full data sync back to the protected site where it should have done a bitmap sync with the only changes.  This caused issues as we had to wait quite few hours to move back to the protected site.   So we wanted to know why we got the need configuration error message after committing.  Other notes:

    • when we went to configure the VPG after the need configuration message it gave an error on one of the disks (disk $) saying its used by 2 servers and cannot be part of a preseed.  So we took it off the preseed as it was a temp disk and that allowed us to save the VPG.  But then after saving it did a full sync back.  AFter the full sync back completed, we were then able to move back and commit (with reverse protection), but when we committed it behaved normally where it did a bitmap sync.  So dont why it did a full sync back when we did the first move the recovery site.
    • Also the VPG does have 2 VM’s which are part a microsoft cluster and uses SQL always on and disk 4 is shared between the servers and on a separate SCSI controller.


    Any advise on this issue

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