"need configuration" error in live Failover

  • Hi.

    When i testing failover in Test mode all OK, but in live failover mode after commit proccces failover aborted  .i find error id (VPG0006)offical suppport page but dont understand what is a problem.After this error failover procces always canceled and journal datastore location always lost  .I select  database again  for journal and repeat live failover pracedure  but problem not fixed .

    protected wm and recovery wm located in deifferent host and different databases but both hosts in one vcenter server.

    i can not find reason of this problem. please help me.


    Hi Suraj,

    I have noted your issue and will make sure and engineer follows up with you as soon as possible.

    You can also open a support ticket through ZVM if this issue needs to be resolved sooner.

    Thank you


    Hi Suraj,

    I agree that you should open a support ticket and have us look at the issue with you to help determine the cause.

    Looking at VPG0006, it sounds like either the VPG is awaiting some additional configuration, or the destination datastore (I assume you meant datastore above where you wrote database?) does not have enough free space to accommodate the live failover.

    If you believe the destination datastore does have enough free space, edit the VPG and ensure you click through the wizard to check for any misconfiguration within.

    Also, have you recently resized any of the VMs disks within this VPG? This error relates to this as well.



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    thanks for reply ,

    protected vm have 17 gb vmdk disk .Datastore where protected vm located have 890 gb free space and recovery vm host database have 11 tb free space ,

    after this error i can not change configuration of vpg ,  have error “vlan not accesible because it is in failover mode” .i can  change configuration if i select   another vlan and then VRA automatically delete protected vm and create it again .

    i dont resize vmdk file in vpg vms .

    can you connect to my pc with teamviewer  and test it ?

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