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Multiple ZVMs and on vCenter

  • I am wondering if it is possible to have multiple ZVM setup in the same location, and sync’d to the same vCenter? With the ability to leverage the same storage and hypervisors as the first ZVM?

    The issue I am trying to get around is that the primary ZVM is having upgrade issues from 5.0 u3 to 5.5 and Zerto hasnt been able to figure out why. The upgrade process completes as intended, however the VRAs do not upgrade and will not reconnect with the ZVM. I have tried 3x to upgrade, but have had to roll back each time.

    The issue is pressing now because we are need to protect a customer we have in Azure but without the 5.5 upgrade its not possible.

    The 2 ZVMs dont need to talk to each other. 1 would be running as normal on 5.0 connected to our other datacenter. The 2nd ZVM would just be doing its own thing and connected to Azure.

    Obviously we will be upgrading our licensing to accommodation this, but I am trying to work around this technical issue that is pressing now…

    Is this possible?

    Hi Kyle,

    We only allow 1 ZVM : 1VC.

    There may be a work around using a Zerto Cloud Manager and RBAC.  I am not entirely sure about this so let me ask engineering if this is possible.



    It is not possible to have 2 ZVMs synced to the same VC.

    If you need this to be escalated please open a ticket with support and they can escalate the issue if it is very pressing.

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