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Multipathing support

  • So, I’m looking at the Zerto Virtual Manager Hyper-V Administration Guide, version 6.0 Rev01-U1 Mar2018. There’s a curious statement on page 261:

    Zerto Virtual Replication does not support multi-pathing.

    That’s a pretty blanket statement, and as written would seem to make Zerto unsupported in any highly-available Fibre Channel or iSCSI SAN environment with Hyper-V. That doesn’t make sense to me at all. Can anyone from Zerto clarify what is meant by this, and maybe look into getting this section of the guide updated with some additional detail?

    Hi James,

    After speaking with some folks, that statements seems to me to be a documentation bug.
    All our HyperVs are configured with MultiPath I\O ,which means we do support this feature.
    I will open a documentation bug.

    If you have some specific questions regarding multipathing support I suggest you reach out to your account team.  If there are any issues you are having with this feature you can always open a ticket with support.

    I hope this helps!

    Thanks, Ryan. I’ll watch the next version of the guide for any changes.

    It was in fact a Zerto support engineer that brought this to my attention, while we were troubleshooting an issue in which a recovered VM was unable to boot. As I recall, the statement didn’t make much sense to the support engineer either.

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