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Multi-tenant reporting

  • Hey guys,

    We have a number of clients replicating into a Zerto enabled VMware cloud using ZCCs and Zerto Cloud Manager etc.  Is there any way for us to run a report on how much storage a customer (ZORG) is using, for all their VMs including the journals?  I can check on a VM by VM basis in the analytics portal but this gets tedious for customers with more than a few VMs.

    Also, is there any way to run a report on how much CPU and RAM is required by a customer to power on all their VMs? Currently the only way I have to get this information is from the source site which is not always available.



    Yes, in your DR site ZVM gui, go to the Reporting, Resources Report, just to the right select a time span (a couple of days ago will give 1 day of all VMs covered.

    The process generates a CSV file that can be opened with Excel with all the data you need.

    Thanks Robert, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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