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Multi-Site plus DR Site Support

  • I have the requirement to Support a Three Node DR plan where I have Virtual Machines running in DC1 and DC2 and the third site as a shared DR Site. Does Zerto support Multi-Site +DR replication ?



    DC1 – Production VMs plus extra capacity in Compute to run DC2 workloads as a backup site

    DC2 – Development VMs plus extra capacity in Compute to run Production and Dev VMs.

    DR1 – Disaster Recovery Site with Compute capacity to run minimum production capabiliy


    I need to do Cross replication between DC1 and DC2 to protect the production VMs as well as DC2 to DC1 replication to protect the Development VMS. AT the same time I need to do asynchronous replication of both sites to the DR site as a Disaster Recovery site in the event of a catasterophic geographical failure of both DC1 and DC2. Can Zerto support this type of architecture ?

    it’s very similar to my feature request


    If you are asking if a single VM can be replicated to two sites at once, that is not an available feature yet.

    If you are wanting to chain from A>B>C with the same VM, that is not a feature yet either. If you want DR and then a copy of the protected VMs at a third site for archival or longer term protection, you could use Zerto’s offsite backup feature.

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    thanks Shannon the two firsts scenarios you mention is the ones I need, I know the backup feature and works pretty well


    I have a scenario where I need to migrate servers from Site 1 into Site 2 (both vCloud) which will work fine.  Once that’s done, I’ll remove the VPGs involved and everything will run in Site 2 – no problem with that.

    However… I need to get replication working from Site 2 to Site 3 very shortly after the migration is completed.  There’s around 30Tb of data, so could take a while over the network.  If, during the Site1->Site2 replication, I was also sending offsite backups to Site3, could those be used to preseed the Site2->Site3 replication?


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    Hi Zerto, I have similar/same requirement as Dave L – migration from Site 1 to Site 2, absolute minimal delay in protection to Site 3  – in addition, my case Site 3 is a Zerto Cloud site.

    Is there any update to the comments from Shannon S – re: “if a single VM can be replicated to two sites at once” and/or re: “If you are wanting to chain from A>B>C with the same VM”.

    Thanks a lot

    You can do one-to-many replication. Meaning a VM in Site 1, can replicate to Site 2 and Site 3. You just use 2 VPG’s to accomplish it. I’m doing this today. You need to be licensed for this feature. It can be very useful if you want a 2nd copy of a VM, perhaps in a cloud environment, or if you’re moving datacenters, you can stage everything to the new DC, before losing any protection to the old. Hope that helps.

    Thanks Matthew, I wish I had read the 5.0 manual closer.

    I am reading now that, as you say, I can protect a “VM1” from Site1 to Site2 with a “VPG1”; and from Site1 to Site3 with a “VPG2”. And when I “Move” my VM1 to Site2, Zerto will remove VM1 from VPG2

    Would you know if I will end up with vDisks remaining at Site3? I.E. that I can use to seed protection from Site2 to Site3 with a new “VPG3”?




    I haven’t done it, so I can’t say for sure, but I would imagine that it would preserve the disks (or give you an option to keep or remove them) at site 3, so you could use them to pre-seed. A simple test with a small VM would give you the definitive answer.

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