MSCS Cluster – IP Change During Failover

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    During recovery of MSCS Cluster ( Active node/system), system failed over to DR site without any issue, but the cluster service did not come up. After reading through the documents, i see Zerto recommends preconfigure listeners on both the protected and recovery IP ranges, each node with a dedicated heartbeat NIC.

    is there any document with steps how do we this on MSCS clusterv?

    Hi Ragesh,

    Here is my answer based on what I believe you are asking. Please clarify/correct me if I am misreading (additionally, I’m assuming the last “MSCS Clusterv” was a typo since I’m not finding any reference to “Clusterv”). The documentation is referencing creating additional network cards for the services pertaining to the services for the DR/failover site.

    I did find another (3rd party) online document referencing a method for achieving what I believe you are asking in regards to MSCS DR: “Configuring IP Addresses for Multi-Subnet¬†Clusters.”

    Hope this helps!

    Please also ensure you are following the Zerto “Best Practices When Protecting Virtual Machines Running MSCS.”




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