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Moving VM's to new datastores

  • Hi, we have a new storage system at the DR site. Now I am moving all VM’s to the new datastores. When I configured the VPG, Zerto is moving the VM’s one at a time to the new datastores. Is it possible to tune this operation and let Zerto relocate multiple VM’s at a time to the new datastores? We have to move about 80TB, so that’s why I am asking.


    Thank you for reaching out.  I am not sure how one can configure this, but I will reach out to the product/engineering team and follow up with you as soon as I hear back.


    If the VMs are in different VPGs, they should be done concurrently. If not – open a bug. Inside a VPG, it’s completely serial by volumes. We svmotion one volume at a time (even not a vm at a time).

    It is worth noting that for a large scale svmotion like yours, you can consider using VC actions to move the volumes (i.e go to the DR vc, and migrate the volume to the new datastore via VC, and not via zerto UI). This will utilize the max concurrency allowed by VMware.

    **IMPORTANT** However – this flow has an important downside that must be clearly stressed out (this is the reason we don’t use it in the standard ZVM change datastore flow):

    Throughout the svmotion task the VM holding the volume (the VRA) is locked by the VC for any configuration actions. It means that until those actions are over (or manually cancelled), any VPG replicating to that VRA cannot be failed over or do any action that requires DR site change (that’s practically all actions).

    If you are OK with these limitations – then it will certainly be faster.

    Please reach out and open a ticket with support if you have any other questions.

    Hope this helps!

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