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Moving replication target of currently replicated

  • What I am reading indicates that I can migrate the ZRA to a new cluster + datastore and that the VM associated with the VPG will also move with it, is this correct?

    The source machine is on a datacenter/cluster/storage instance and the target for the replication is on another datacenter/cluster/storage location. I would like to migrate the current target to another cluster on the same datacenter that the target is on but a different cluster/datastore. How would I do that?

    If you’re going to use new hosts on a different cluster/datastore, not migrating the existing target hosts to a different cluster/datastore, you need to install new VRAs on the hosts on a different cluster/datastore, then do a ‘change recovery VRA’ for the existing target VRAs. VRAs cannot be v-motioned to other hosts.


    For changing Recovery VRA process please check page 275 ‘Changing a Recovery VRA’ of the following document.



    After that please go to VPG settings to change the recovery datastore. Please make sure the datastore is accessible for both old & new clusters.

    Please check the following screenshots. All recovery datastore & recovery volume locations need to be changed.



    I am not able to modify the VPG to get the target result I am trying to change. If I change the target cluster/host for replication target I get ‘you cannot change both te recovery host and the datastore at the same time. Change the datastore and save the VPG and then edit the VPG and try again to change the host’. The problem is that the storage is not available to the recovery host that it is currently set. I am trying to change both the cluster and datastore. If I try to process the change another way I get ‘Volume scsi(0:) of vm x, server xxx, replication datastore (datastore) cannot be accessed by VN recovery host xxxxxx; volume xxxxx. Is there a clear process I can use?

    Was a solution to this situation found?

    Hi Eric,

    This is Kal from Zerto. As Irish had mentioned earlier. You’ve to make sure that the data storage has to be accessible to the VRA and  recovery host. Without which it won’t work. Thanks, Kal

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