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Move question

  • Friday afternoon we had an unplanned storage issue.  We have two different arrays in production.  The storage guy’s were working on array 1, when it panicked.  We had maybe 1/3 of our Zerto protected VM’s on this array, and they went offline.  We are a hospital, and we have some pretty important stuff that needs to keep running for patient safety reasons.  After a couple of hours management started talking about bringing up a handful of these servers at our DR site.  A “Failover” in this scenario seems to be a pretty big deal, seeing as how we only needed to bring up about 5 VM’s at the DR site, keep in mind that the VM’s on array 2 were fine.  If the VM’s were seen as offline on array 1, could I have successfully Moved them since they were not reachable?  Would Zerto see them as “off”, and allow me to pick and choose what to bring up on the other side?

    Hi Mike,

    the Move operation from Zerto would likely not have succeeded as he VM’s would have been offline therefore Zerto could not take the last checkpoint on the VM’s before moving


    in this situation a failover would have been ok as the latest checkpoint would have been seconds before the storage array went offline.

    the only real difference between a failover and a move is the the move operation is more graceful and guarantees Zero RPO.

    hope this helps

    feel free to reach out some more for more information


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