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Move or Failover

  • We are doing a migration at the moment and as part of it we will need to rename the VM’s and re-ip them, as well as register them in DNS. What is the best approach here?

    I believe that a script could be used for the DNS side of things – does anyone have them and an explanation handy?



    For many operating systems, Zerto will handle the IP reconfiguration including pointing to new DNS Server targets. You can see more on the Interoperability Matrix at https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/technical-documentation/

    In terms of renaming as part of a migration, I suggest instead renaming everything as a separate project, performed either before or after the migration itself. Would this be VM renaming or guest renaming? Or both?

    Hi Sean,

    This would be both – renaming the VM and the guest name.




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