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Move esx hosts to different clusters

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    I have a new ESXi 6.7 environment and have Zerto 7.5 up and running. I’d like to create new clusters and move some hosts into new clusters. These hosts already have VRA’s installed and running – although I only have one test VPG at the moment. Does moving ESX hosts between clusters have an affect on the existing VRA’s?


    As long as the VRAs are not to be migrated to another hosts, moving ESX hosts between clusters doesn’t have an affect on the existing VRAs.


    Here is some more information if you would like to move the hosts without interrupting Zerto Replication:

    ■ For a host machine on the protected site: Remove affinity rules for protected virtual machines on the host that is going to be moved and vMotion these machines to any other host in the cluster with a VRA installed. Shut down the VRA before moving the host.
    ■ For a host machine on the recovery site: Shut down the VRA and place the host in VMware maintenance mode. After shutting down the VRA VPGs with virtual machines being recovered to the VRA will enter an error state. Move the host to the new cluster, exit maintenance mode and power on the VRA. The VPGs in an error state will enter bitmap sync and then resume a Meeting SLA status.

    ➦ Any VPGs that were defined with a recovery resource pool in the original cluster must be edited to change the default and virtual machine specific target host settings for the new cluster, even when the new cluster has a resource pool that is displayed in the VPG definitions.

    Thank you. I moved the host into the other cluster with no issues.

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