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Move Directory ZertoVirtualReplication\logs

  • Zerto  8.0U4
    I want relocate/move  directory  C:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\logs  actually 20 Go and increase
    to another directory d:\ZertoLogs (example)
    I search a simple work instruction for that


    This is Kalsang from Zerto.

    I believe that’s a task responsible for System Admin / Engineers to perform. I’ve seen few blogs in the below link which might help.


    Best regards,

    Thanks Kalsang.

    I’m system Engineers and when I read the link Greg answer :

    You can’t move the Program Files, nor should you move apps or Programs off the C drive because they write registry keys to Windows that integrate them into the OS until they are uninstalled.

    When you install IIS or MSSQL on C drive you can redirect/move  the IIS\logs or MSSQL\data to another directory on D drive.

    Any luck that Zerto have a solution for move Logs to another location without uninstall Zerto ?








    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, we don’t have any process for it as it was a predefined location when they install ZVM.

    Best regards,

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