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MongoDB and PostGresSQL

  • Hello,


    I need your help with customer requests. I have a DR site for my client and he want to use a MongoBD/ PostGresSQL in the primary site. I need to know if Zerto is compatible with this two data bases replications and if i can give him guarantees and commitment for the recovery on the DR site.

    The maximum size of the data bases in the Redhat OS are : 10G and 5G


    Thank you for you answers 🙂


    Yes, you will be able to protect a MongoDB/PostgresSQL. The Zerto journal maintains transactional level consistency on all the block level changes of the VM. Its essentially a transaction log of the VM, which includes the transaction logs of the databases within the VM. We have customers PostgreSQL with consistent recovery to any point in time. My best advice would be to protect it, run a failover test and you can prove it.



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