Migration without vCenter admin access

  • I am considering a migration of servers from one cloud provider to another. The current provider is using vCloud Director, as is the intended new provider.

    The issue I face is that the existing provider is unwilling to allow us access to anything on their shared vCloud platform, but I believe the zerto virtual manager requires admin access to vcenter.

    is there any kind of mode by which we can install some kind of guest OS agent on each machine I wish to migrate, like you might a backup agent?

    Any other method that might work in this instance where the most we could do is have a virtual appliance installed into our vCloud resource pool. Incidentally, we do not have access to an end user portal for vCloud so anything we do would be a service request to the cloud provider who is not especially co-operative since we are moving away from them.

    The target vcloud service we are moving to does allow us access to the vCloud user portal, and the new service provider is understandably far more co-operative with us.

    Hi Marcus

    unfortunately the way that zerto operates will require access to the source vcenter/vcloud environment and this would mean you will require the approval and assistance of your current service provider.

    there is no work around for this within the Zerto solution.

    there are also benefits to the service provider installing Zerto as they can offer best in breed DRaaS to their customers utilising the Zerto platform, feel free to ask them to get in touch with us to see how we can potentially help assist your request but also their product offerings moving forward also

    Kind Regards




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