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Migrating VM's from one DC to another using zerto

  • We need to permanently move 2 VMware VM’s from one DC to another and we cannot vMotion them according to our offshore VMWare team.  Our previous on-site engineers used Zerto to migrate servers but left no documentation on the process before they were out sourced by our top notch off shore team.  I’ve been involved with setting up our VPG’s for DR but never to moved a server.  I’m assuming the two processes are similar but looking for documentation and steps needed to move a server that would need an IP address change after it’s moved.  Server name will remain the same.


    We need to migrate one virtual machined from One DC to another DC .  Please let me know if there is any documentation for the same.

    However, i am not able to open the link provided above.




    Please review the Move process in our Zerto Virtual Manager Administration Guide – VMware vSphere Environments (page 522):


    Hi, Zerto expert
    We are planning to leverage Zerto and migrate 100 VM from DC-1 to DC-2 via 1 Gbps circuit with 40 ms latency, question, does the ZRA at DC-1 need to be the same subnet as the ZRA at DC-2? another word, do we need to extend the L2 (either deploy Cisco OTV or VxLAN) from DC-1 to DC-2? really appreciate any pointer/documentations.

    Hi Chi L,

    Guy from Zerto here.

    I highly recommend you open a support ticket in order to have this question answered.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


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