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Migrating in-VM Shared storage to shared storage

  • Is it possible to migrate a VM from shared storage in the VM (like NFS or SMB) to a VM with shared storage in the VM?

    Not entirely sure what you are asking, but Zerto won’t really help you here. Zerto only cares about the VM disks that are VMDK, as it intercepts writes to these disks and offloads them to a DR site. If you have an OS disk and then all your other disks are just mappings on the network, Zerto won’t be of much help for anything but the OS disk. I presume that’s what you are asking. For example, we have some VMs with iSCSI mounted within the VM, those iSCSI mounted disks will remain so in failover, and if inaccessible, won’t be accessible once failed over.

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