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Migrating from EVC mode

  • Hello,

    Can anyone tell me how Zerto copes with migrating from VMware hosts with EVC mode enabled to a new VMware cluster with much newer CPU technology, but without EVC mode.  Our theory is that it will migrate the VM with the EVC-mode restrictions still in place and that the VM will only benefit from the new CPU features once it is powered-off and restarted.  But is Zerto cleverer than that and can it do something more fancy?

    Many thanks.

    Zerto migrates the storage to the new location, copies the critical information from the VMX file (such as vcpu, memory, etc) and then when you click move, migrate, or failover; Zerto will use that meta data to create a brand new VMX file at the destination, then attach the disk to the VM and power it up.

    Therefore there are no issues moving machines that are part of an EVC cluster, and because Zerto is always a “reboot” new cpu features are recognized right away.

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