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Migrating Azure to VMware – 2K8R2 server issues

  • We have a customer that wishes to move out of Azure to one of our onsite premises. However after replicated, running a failover test we have discovered that all of their 2008R2 VMs will not boot. Server 2012 R2 VMs boot without issue.

    We did encounter the VMtools issue which we resolved by doing these steps

    How to install VMware Tools for Easy Cross-Hypervisor Migrations

    However the vmtools failed to install on the 2008 servers. Thinking this could be cause we resolved the issue with VMtools install with these steps

    vSphere 6 VM Tools Installation Fails

    However, the issue persists.

    Basically the VM spins up on vcenter, but just enters a constant reboot cycle. Anyone ever experience this? I have engaged support but havent found anything as of yet.


    Just wanted to follow up and post what the resolution was. Basically the issue was related to the LSI_SAS storage controller. Within Azure the 2 registry files that are associate with this driver have a “start” setting of (3)

    On our server 2008R2 VMs, the start setting was set to (3). In comparing against 2012R2 the 2 keys were set to be set to (0) instead. Once updated on the 2008R2 servers, they successfully started up on the recovery site. No downtime was required tot make this change.



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