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Migrate ZVM to a new VM

  • One of my ZVM’s is running on top of Server 2008. I tried to do an in-place upgrade to Serer 2012 but it failed miserably. I’m left with no choice but to build a new Server 2016 VM and swing ZVM onto that server.

    I know the process isn’t very clean. It basically is a mixture of exporting settings from various places, removing VPGs and VRA’s, unpairing from all sites, etc.

    My question for you is this, is there a document that outlines all that needs to be done, step by step, in order to move my ZVM to a new VM? I don’t want to take any step (even a small one) for granted and I want to make sure I’m successful.

    Does such a document exist?

    I found KB# 000001005 which is titled “Migrating settings and VPGs from one ZVM to another” but that document only covers exporting the ZVM settings. I’m looking for an all encompassing document specifically that has the steps to swing the ZVM from one VM to a new VM.


    Hi Matthew

    I think that is the only document available,  I was pointed toward it’s by support some time ago but I am only just now planning on attempting it.  Steps 6 – 13 cover importing the settings you’ve exported from the old ZVM onto the new one.



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