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Migrate Zerto Servers from Windows 2008 to 2016

  • Hello,
    I need help in migrating my current Zerto servers which are running on Windows 2008 to new servers running Windows 2016. Can I get assistance with this. First question, should I upgrade my current version to latest and greatest or do the migration first.
    Let me know what resources you can give me.
    I am looking at Wed or Thursday to move at least one of these servers to 2016, if possible.

    Thank you, in advance, for any assistance.


    I am currently running Version 6.0, Update 2, Build 060203125

    I have 2 servers running, in separate sites.



    Hello Amado,

    Mike from Zerto here. Please see the following link for how to migrate from one ZVM VM to another:


    I would recommend that if you are looking to upgrade Zerto, do so before you migrate.

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