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Migrate VPG's to another host

  • I need to move my VPG’s off of 1 virtual host to another virtual host. What is the procedure?


    Please review the following KB about Migrating settings and VPGs from one ZVM to another: https://www.zerto.com/myzerto/knowledge-base/migrating-settings-and-vpgs-from-one-zvm-to-another/

    Same ZVM, different virtual host

    You didn’t answer my question… Then you proceeded to close the case… The procedure you provided describes how to migrate to another ZVM. I’m looking to migrate Zerto VPG’s on the same VPM to a different VMWare host…


    Hello Brian,
    Bar from Zerto here.

    In case you want to change the Protected host, simply vMotion\Migrate the protected VM to another host with a VRA installed it.
    Do note that VRA cannot be migrated to another host, so in case you only have one VRA please install another one.

    In case you want to change the Recovery host, you can enter the VPG and Change the recovery VM VRA which simply will detach the recovery volumes from the VRA and attach them to another VRA you will choose.

    In case I didn’t answer your question, please elaborate more on what is it that you are trying to achieve.

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