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Migrate vm between ESXs during a Test Failover

  • Hi,

    We’re running a Test Failover in a vmware platform. The destination is a vmware cluster with 3 ESX. Everything worked fine but if we try to move a vm from one ESX to another ESX, the option appears disabled (migrate; change compute resources only). We can move succesfully other VMs running in the cluster which are not part of the test failover.

    Any one knows if Zerto doesn’t allow to move test failover virtual machines between ESX?


    thanks in advance

    Hi Ana – You suspicion is correct. Zerto does not allow for failover test VMs to be svmotioned or vmotioned. This is also true for pre-commit live failover /move VMs (though these can be svmotioned / vmotioned once the operation is committed and promotion has completed). This is due to how Zerto interacts with these VMs during these operations – some details that may help allude to why are covered in this video: https://vimeo.com/128476696 — Justin

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