Migrate to a new ZVM and recovery site

  • Posting on behalf of Jon R.

    I have read KB 000001005 but am needing to move to a new ZVM at our recovery site. I feel that the KB mainly focuses on migrating to a new ZVM at a peer site. I have 6 peer sites linked to my target site and 27 VPGs and 2 vCloud to vCloud VPGs. It seems a complicated process to move all of these. I need to migrate as we are running on Server 2008 R2 with will be EOL soon and wish to move to 2012 R2 at the very least. Are there any pointers you can give me? I would be happy to upgrade Windows from 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 whilst running ZVM on the server if this is a tried and tested method.


    If you do not wish to recreate or resync your VPGS, tt is possible to perform an in-place upgrade. Please see KB Article Upgrading Guest OS of the ZVM VM Machine for information on performing a Windows server upgrade. If there are any issues you run into, Zerto support is available to help.

    Does this information help?

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