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Migrate off old vcenter

  • I’m opening this question on behalf of Scott B.

    We have an old vcenter that we would like to migrate off of. There are currently 4 VMs that Zerto is replicating here. What is the best method to get these replicated VMs moved to a new server?


    Aaron S from Zerto here.  To clarify this old vCenter is what sounds to be a recovery site that you want to decommission is that correct?  Are those 4 VMs running on a host this old vCenter or are they running on a host in a different vCenter and being replicated to this old vCenter?

    If they are only being replicated to this old vCenter (meaning that this old vCenter is the recovery or target site) then the VMs will only run in that environment if you perform a failover with them.  In that instance you can simply delete the VPG and recreate it with those 4 VMs and point them to a different vCenter that is already paired with this source site.

    If they are running on this old vCenter (this is the source side for the 4 VMs) and the Zerto site tied to this vCenter is paired with another vCenter site you can perform a live failover or move operation to have the VMs moved over to the other vCenter and once they are up and running you can delete the VPG.

    Let me clarify that question a bit:

    Server A is my source where the VM exists and is replicated FROM.   This will stay as is at this time.

    Server B is my(current) destination.  This is a very old vcenter and will be decommissioned in the near future.

    Server C is what I want to become the destination.

    My zerto experience is basically just what I have figured out by poking at it  – ie just enough to get by.  The people who had the experience are no longer here.   Since the 4 VMS being replicated are production and have high visibility, I want to be 1000% sure of the correct way to get the destination moved from server B to Server C.


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