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Meditech Migration to another geographic location

  • We are migrating a Meditech EMR instance from a hospital to a central datacenter with a cutover date later this year.  I have Zerto VPG replication setup and everything is meeting RPO successfully.  The Site has now requested access to the new (replicated) Meditech stack to begin system testing and validation at the new location.  What is the best Zerto feature/method that allows us to bring the replicated VM’s up at the new datacenter for testing in the new environment, while not affecting the continued production operation at the hospital?  We would still need the existing systems to continue replication to cover any delta data that is created prior to the actual migration cutover date later in the year.   Maybe using Offsite Clone, or Move (keeping existing VMs)?  Thanks for any feedback!

    Hi Aaron

    for a short term test youc ould use the failover test functionality


    this will allow you test the application in the secondary location without any impact to production

    you will not be able to keep any changes you make on the failed over Vm’s during this test

    I Hope this helps



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