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Manage multiple vCenter servers with Zerto

  • We have a vCenter server in Production that is paired with vCenter server in DR site through Zerto. Our requirement is to add one more vCenter from another Production and pair it with the same DR site. Can we use same ZVM or should be deploy a new one? If ZVM to vCenter is 1:1, then how to address this in DR Site?

    Hi Azhar,

    • You may pair a newly deployed ZVM to the same DR site via the sites tab, under the ZVM’s GUI.
    • You will be required to deploy a new ZVM on the 2nd production site, in order to pair it. It cannot reside on the same datacenter (1 ZVM, per site).


    Is there a limitations on the number of source sites that can be paired to single DR site? We have 5 to 10 source sites (different vcenter severs at different locations) that we intend to pair with our DR site. I can’t find this information in the Admin guides. Can this be achieved and is there a reference document for the same ?


    If you have vcenter or paired on the DR site through with Zerto and you want to add more vcenter on the DR site. So you have the best motherboard for ryzen 5 3400g required to add more vcenter and they provide more speed in your work.

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