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(LTR) Long Term Retention Encryption

  • Is Zerto capable of encrypting VM backup data in the long term retention repositories?  If so, what type of encryption is used?

    Hi Abel,

    This is Kalsang from Zerto.

    I haven’t heard of it yet but you may feel free to check in the latest release notes.


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    Hi Abel H,

    LTR does not have any built-in native encryption for the data that is send from the journal to the LTR repository. However, we  do support the target to have it’s own native encryption which is out of band for Zerto. This si common for many customer using both om-premises storage as well as public cloud targets.

    This approach has been a conscious decision so as not to introduce complexity of key handling, key rotation & management, as well as performance overhead since encryption can be CPU intensive. We have an open roadmap item which you up vote  and track.

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