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Looking for upgrade path 7.5 to 9.0

  • Current

    Production: 7.5 Update 2 Build 075206128

    Replication: 7.5 Update 4 Build 075406019


    I want to be able to upgrade our vmware from 6.5U3 tp 7.0U2 and need to first get Zerto up to the latest.

    Looking for the upgrade path required.


    This should be your upgrade bible as it shows what’s compatible with what:


    You will need to upgrade Zerto first as 7.5U2 is not compatible with vSphere V7.0x. vSphere V6.5u3 is compatible with all Zerto versions.

    Upgrade path:

    Zerto 7.5 -> 8.0

    Zerto 8.0 -> 8.5u3 (compatibility with vSphere 7.0u2 starts here)

    Zerto 8.5u3 -> 9.0 (Why not? Unless you’re an N-1 shop, go to V9.0)

    Now upgrade vSphere to V7.0u2 (current).

    Of course you’d want to first check your Virtual Machine Hardware level of each VM is less than 17 until you finish off the above upgrades. The rest of the checks will be outlined in the mentioned document.


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