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long term retention recovery question

  • We want to be able to use a tape backup of retention files restored to a different server to see if this works. If the long term retention storage dies unexpectedly, can I point the Zerto restoration to a new retention location to recover a server?

    Hello, this is Matt from Zerto support.

    At this time, Zerto does not support back up or restoration from tape. If you would like to see this changed, feel free to submit a Feature Request at MyZerto.com.

    Have a good day!

    My question really pertains to restoring a long term retention copy from an alternate source. Can I do this? I ask because if I am able to restore a copy of the long term retention files to a different location if the NFS server dies, can I still restore a Zerto replicated server? This is tape or disk impartial as to how the long term retention files are restored.


    I have been discussing your situation with some of my colleagues. It is theoretically, thought not guaranteed to be, possible to do what you are asking, but it is not an officially supported use of Zerto. Your steps would be to copy the files to a new datastore, connect that datastore to Zerto as a repository, and point the LTR to this new Repository.

    Again, this is not the suggested or recommended path, and is not supported by Zerto.

    Then the question comes up: what is Zerto’s recommendation for protecting the LTR repository? Certainly it’s not just “don’t let it fail”?


    The LTR Repository is the back up, existing in your DR location. It is there in case of emergency at your Production facility. If the repository exists on a VM, you could replicate that VM back to your Production environment, or to any alternative site you are connected to.

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