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Live Failover button grayed out

  • Hi Everyone,


    Wondering if you’ve experience this issue before.  I was trying to do a live failover but the ‘failover’ button is grayed out!  The machines I want to failover are all synced, so I’m not too sure what would be causing it to not move forward.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



    Hi Romel,

    If your VPGs are showing as synced there must be another issue.  Is there still connectivity between the ZVM and vCenter?

    I have asked about this internally so I will let you know when I hear from them.  In the meantime I would open a ticket with support.


    Thanks Ryan.  We contacted the vendor and it seems like it was set off on their end.  Should be good moving forward.


    Thank you!


    Thanks for reaching out.  Let us know if you have any more questions

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