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List of VMs replicated on target side ESX hosts

  • I’m searching for a way to poll the API to determine which VMs are on which ESX host in the target site.  I’ve looked through the REST API documentation, and the only way I can find to do this is via the vpgSettings/{vpgSettingsIdentifier}/vms API.  My question is, is this an acceptable way to get this information?  Loop through every VPG, then each VM via a Settings Identifier?

    In the web UI, you can click the Setup tab, click a VRA and you get a VMs tab.  That would also be acceptable, but I don’t see a way to determine which VMs are attached to the specific VRAs in the API.  Does the web UI use the same REST API, or is it getting those VMs differently?  Also note, I’m more concerned with the target site since you can really cause some havoc if you just remove hosts on the target site without editing the VM’s target replication host.

    Hi Jason,

    Yes, your assumed methods are correct, and this example is outlined in the Automation Whitepaper in the Zerto Technical Documentation section. Within the document, I believe you’ll find what you need under section 3.6 — Protected VMs by Target Host, then by CPU and RAM Size.

    Hope this helps!


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