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Licensing Question / Multiple Environments On Same

  • We would like to know if it is a supportable configuration to split our Zerto environment in half but have all of the VPGs running on the same hardware (ESXi 6.7/VNX). Is it possible to run multiple VRMs in the same environment? The VPGs and VMs would be separate and managed exclusively by one of the VRMs but there would at be multiple VRAs on the ESXi servers. Is this possible?


    Mike from Zerto here. Licensing is reliant on the amount of VMs you are protecting. You can use one license on as many ZVMs as you want.

    So I can have multiple ZVMs in the same environment protecting the same ESXi servers (keeping VPGs and VMs unique in each environment)? There would be multiple VRA’s per ESXi host.


    My apologies if I misunderstood the initial question. You can only have one ZVM connected to a vCenter, and you can only have one main VRA per host. Your license question is relevant if you are using the same license on a ZVM in another vCenter site, but you cannot setup two ZVMs in one vCenter site.

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