Journal Location

  • Browsing the files located on the datastores that we use as Journal locations for our protected/critical VMs (under “ZeRTO volumes” folder) yesterday, I noticed that on one of the Journal locations, the “…_log_volume.vmdk” virtual disks have the latest modified dates 9/9/2019 and other virtual disks have modified dates 2/5/2019 and earlier.  There are no VMDK files with modified dates between 2/5/2019 and 9/8/2019 on the “ZeRTO volumes” folder of this datastore.  On another Journal location, the latest modified date as of yesterday is 9/8/2019 but there are no VMDKs with modified dates between 5/27/2019 and 6/14/2019…nor between 6/14/2019 and 9/5/2019. Is this something that we should be concerned about?  Note: For the VPGs that use these Journal locations, we set the Journal History to 1 day and the Target RPO Alert to 5m.

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