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Journal History empty?

  • Hi

    I am trying to replicate virtual machines from Hyper-V (Win2012R2) to ESXi6.0. I am able to create protection group an successfully do the initial replication. Couple of minutes after the initial replication I get an alert: “The VPG has been protected for x minutes but the journal history is only 0 seconds” and “History not meeting SLA”.

    It seem that journal history is empty or not working properly as the alert message always states that “history is only 0 seconds”. Looking at VPG statistics, it says “Journal History: NA” and “Earliest recovery point: NA”.

    There were some KB articles about similar error but none of them were helpful. Any tips on what I should check or change?

    Hi JP,

    Have you tried performing a failover test to see if you have checkpoints in the roster?

    I would also suggest opening a ticket with support.


    I am unable to perform failovers as the failover-button is inactive. Also Actions -> “Move VPG” is inactive.

    I am only evaluating Zerto through trial, so this is not a production issue.

    Perhaps the cause is the default snapshot policy at the target site.

    When VRA’s snapshots are taken and then removed, it may have brought VRA to a state where it was responding and appeared to be fine, but couldn’t write any data to a journal.

    A target VRA reboot (and obviously removing from the snapshot policy) may fix the issue.

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